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Are Vape Pen Safe

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Safety Concerns about Vaping

Marijuana’s popularity and use have grown over the years. There are so many methods available for ingesting Cannabis such as pills, bows, bongs, pots, etc. The most preferred of all is Vaping. Vaping involves heating instead of burning Cannabis to form vapors, and then these vapors are sucked via the mouth. These vapors are considered safer and more convenient than smoke, but the question that arises is if vaping is actually safe?

The answer to the question depends upon the quality of your vape pen and the Cannabis that you use. You should make sure you choose the right vape pen for you. Despite the claims in the product description, the vape pen might not be vaporizing at all.

Vape Pen

Only within a specific range of temperature, Cannabis should be vaped. The right temperature is to ensure that Cannabis is vaporizing and not burning. At a temperature exceeding the vaporizing point, Cannabis catches fire, and it will produce smoke and not vapor. The cheap vape pens that are available in the market do not work so well. The heating elements are inconsistent, and the temperature settings are sparse, hence producing smoke. You should stay away from such products and opt for only high-grade vape pens. 

Some vape pens can vaporize raw Cannabis, while most of them use a cartridge of oil or other concentrates. These concentrates extract the compounds from the herb and leave some portent substances behind. Using a vape pen, which uses hydrocarbon concentrates, creates a chance of residual solvent mixing with the concentrates, which is a waste of your stash.

Is Cannabis bad for health?

No, it is not. Vaping cannabis with good quality material, apt devices, and the right approach can be made healthy. The following are three factors that you should keep in mind to make vaping healthy.

  1. The most crucial step for vaping is to choose the right vape pen. There exist vape pens made with high-grade materials and use heating elements that vaporize evenly and prevent the formation of any toxic substance. These vape pens have proper temperature control and consistent heating elements for the vaporization of substance to form premium-quality vapors. SkyBlue VapourTM Deluxe vaporizer is a vape pen that has it all for you to enjoy vaping. The high-quality, low temp pens save your stash, and pen remains smell proof. 

  2. If you prefer raw Cannabis, make sure you buy only organic material so that you are safe against the risk of pesticides that low-quality Cannabis can have. Organic Cannabis is a little expensive, but hey! It is your health that’s more important. Vaping organic material ensures that you inhale only potent compounds, which are beneficial for your body. If you are into vaping concentrates and oils, make sure you are opting for only FDA approved premium brands. Stay clear from cheap brands of oils and concentrates. 

  3. You should always make sure you use the right vaping technique. High-temp vaping inevitably creates thick clouds and brings more satisfaction, but low- temp vaping is still safer. Sometimes in the chase to create thicker clouds, we raise the temperature above the vaporization point and lose control. This results in the burning of your stash and concentrates, which produces smoke instead of vapors. Go for low temp vaping along with drawing shallow puffs and enjoy your vape at a slow pace. 

To enjoy your Cannabis vaping to the full extent, invest in the right materials and device and use the right vaping technique. We hope that with our tips, we make your next vape safer and better. 

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