MEDIA RELEASE: For Immediate Release

3 December 2015




The New Zealand Vaping Alliance today called upon the Ministry of Health to stand by its ‘draft’ advice to healthcare workers about e-cigarettes and publicly release it in the interests of public health.


“We support the comments made in the draft paper ‘How healthcare workers may want to respond to questions from patients about electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes)’ which we have seen as a result of it being posted on Twitter, and believe the Ministry should back themselves and release the advice so patients can have accurate information on e-cigarettes,” said Mr QJ Satchell, President of the NZ Vaping Alliance.


“We are very pleased to see the MOH publicly acknowledge – for the first time, the recent Public Health England Report on e-cigarettes. One of the lead authors of this authoritative and internationally acclaimed report was the Ministry of Health’s very own clinical advisor Dr Hayden McRobbie.”


“The NZVA recognise that the ‘advice’ was in draft form, but believe that healthcare workers and vapers should be able to see this advice.” said Mr Satchell.


“We believe the information contained in this ‘advice’ will be welcomed by the thousands of New Zealanders who are using e-cigarettes and vaping, and who are looking for information based on sound science and robust evidence – such as the Public Health England report.”


“As such we will be posting it on our website as ‘Advice to New Zealanders About E-cigarettes,” said Mr Satchell.


“New Zealand needs a public debate on e-cigarettes and vaping and we call upon the government to hold a public inquiry into e-cigarettes that, like the UK Government, allows the latest evidence to be put forward,” Mr Satchell said.





Background Notes to Editors



  • The NZVA is a New Zealand based advocacy group that seeks to increase awareness and understanding of e-cigarettes and vaping issues.
  • The New Zealand Vaping Alliance is comprised of a group of New Zealand’s leading e-cigarette retailers and keen vaping enthusiasts concerned with the absence of a collective voice on e-cigarette use and vaping community issues.
  • The New Zealand Vaping Alliance website will become a depository of information on the e-cigarette / juice market for media, interested stakeholders (including public health groups) and policy makers. We will also be seeking a more proactive media presence on issues impacting the e-cigarette market and the vaping community.  
  • In August 2015, the UK Government’s Public Health England released an expert review of the latest evidence (180 published references) concluding that e-cigarettes are around 95% safer than smoked tobacco and they can help smokers to quit.
  • The Public Health England report said that ‘e-cigarette released negligible levels of nicotine into ambient air with no identified health risks to bystanders’ and that ‘the risk to the health of bystanders from exposure to vapour from nicotine vapourisers is extremely low’.
  • This PHE report is supported by leading public health groups including the Royal College of Physicians, British Lung Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Action of Smoking and Health, Royal Society for Public Health to name but a few.