The New Zealand Vaping Alliance is comprised of a group of New Zealand’s leading e-cigarette retailers and keen vaping enthusiasts concerned at the absence of a collective voice on e-cigarette use and vaping community issues.


In October 2015 New Zealand’s leading e-cigarette and vaping enthusiasts launched the NZVA as a New Zealand based advocacy group that seeks to increase awareness and understanding of e-cigarettes and vaping issues.


A seismic shift is occurring in the New Zealand tobacco market as a significant number of smokers switch to e-cigarettes as a way to reduce health risks associated with cigarette smoking.


Our objective is to become the one-stop-shop for the latest information on e-cigarettes and vaping issues. We will also have stories of real-people who have quit smoking thanks to e-cigarettes. See our Twitter feed below for the latest information.


Currently New Zealand smokers are unable to purchase in-store e-cigarettes containing nicotine liquid, despite significant public health support for these products. This is about to change, with the Government announcing the intention to legalise the sale of nicotine e-cigarettes and nicotine e-liquids.


But as a result of the mix of laws (Medicines Act and Smoke-free Environments Act), people looking at e-cigarettes as a way to stop smoking are forced to buy nicotine-containing e-cigarettes from overseas suppliers.


As a result of this situation, a key part of our advocacy will be on encouraging New Zealand regulators to introduce a separate regulatory framework including age restrictions and product standards for e-cigarettes and e-liquid products that meet appropriate standards.


The NZVA website will become a depository of information on the e-cigarette / juice market for media, interested stakeholders (including public health groups) and policy makers. We will also be seeking a more proactive media presence on issues impacting the e-cigarette market and vapers.